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Whispers of God Experience







Are you looking for a new way to experience God? 

The Whispers of God Experience provides a creative opportunity to slow down and experience God with childlike wonder.

As a child (and still often as an adult), our senses pulled us - whether through the smell of freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, hearing the Sesame Street's theme song, or touching the softness of our favorite teddy bear. Our emotions stimulated, our curiosity piqued, with total focus energizing us to be fully engaged. The Whispers of God Experience is designed for your engagement. But not just to interact with the tangible, but as an invitation to welcome God into your experience as you see, hear, taste,  touch, and smell new things. God the Father gave us our senses to bless us and as a means for us to interact with our world, with others, and with Him. The Whispers of God Experience provides a place for you to quiet the busyness of your mind and to simultaneously tap into your senses as you visit your secret place with the Father.

The 5 Senses

The foundation of The Whisper of God Experience is original poetry and paintings from the book Whispers of God.  Whispers of God is a collection of 13 original prophetic poems with uniquely commissioned paintings created specifically for each of the poems.  From within that book, The Whispers of God Experience utilizes six poems and their partnered paintings - Pain to Gain Victory,  Being Me,  I Forgive,  My Intimacy,  Freedom In Being Dust, and The Potter.  Having stimulated the eyes and the ears, we expounded upon the inspiration by developing custom fragrances using essential oils.  Wrapping up with taste and touch, we've curated mostly unfamiliar food tastings and unique tactile objects all for the purpose to enhance the depth of experience.   

The Setting

The six paintings will be on easels with a number of chairs set around them creating six unique sections.  Within each area, a tray will host the tastings, fragrances, and tactile objects. The individual will go sit next to whichever painting draws her the most. Women should bring their smartphones and earbuds while relaxing and meditating on the paintings. So that you can capture anything that speaks to your heart, we also recommend women bring their journals and a pen. Depending upon the event, will determine how many settings can be experienced, but twenty minutes will be designated for one setting. Individuals can interact with the setting in whichever order they so choose.


  • We would encourage you to participate in everything that is offered, however we understand that some may have food allergies or very sensitive to fragrances, so in wisdom do not partake as we do not have substitions.
  • If you do not have a smartphone or forget earbuds, we may have some on sight that can be borrowed, but we cannot provide supplies for everyone.
  • The Whispers of God Experience would be perfect for a women's retreat, whether for the core focus of the event or an optional part of an afternoon.  Cost to the host would be determined by the number of women in attendance and travel cost.
  • If you are interested in scheduling The Whispers of God Experience for your event, please either call 405-388-5315 or email at