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Whispers of God Book

Whispers of God Book
Whispers of God Book
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As we look around, we see a whirl of movement, an ocean of motion, and a breeze of hurry. We watch people impatiently tapping their foot while waiting in line, anxiously checking their phones as they wait for an important call, and recklessly driving way above the speed limit. We live in a culture where the concept of being still and listening for God is unheard of.  Whispers of God begins by talking about the whispers in the night and in the first stanza, it reads, "directions given at dawn are not easily confused." It prompts the question of why. Why is it that we listen for God at sunrise? Why are we willing to wait on God in the wee hours of the dawn?  Whispers of God shows a God who longs to be heard 24/7, to "floor us" and amaze us with Himself. A God who longs for our entire being, yet is willing to wait and walk and talk with us not only through the dawn, but also through the rest of our day.Whispers of God invites us to be quiet, to not become so wrapped up in getting things accomplished, to not be so consumed with noise and activity, that we mute the voice of God. "Whisper. Wait. Whisper. Wait." Waiting on the voice of God is difficult, but as we often discover, our souls and spirits have been craving the still, small voice of God for quite some time. And once we discover it, our souls will not be satisfied until it becomes a regular occurrence throughout the day. As written in Whispers of God, God asks us to and promises us to, "Expect me, for I will be there."

60 pages
Paperback book
12 poems with paintings and commentaries