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The Rhythm


Painting by Holly Smith

Allow My loving, lovely rhythm
Reset your life draining heartbeat.
Allow My comforting, quiet voice
Relax your fast-striving heart
Allow My openly, offered arms
Heal your bleeding broken heart.


In all of life there is a rhythm. Night follows day. The seasons change. The tide comes in and goes out. God’s rhythmic imprint has been placed upon the earth and our hearts. The Rhythm focuses on how our senses are acutely aware of the rhythm of the world around us, how life shouldn’t just be about having a heartbeat, a pulse, hearing the birds chirp, but about living in the calming, loving rhythm of God’s heartbeat. In The Rhythm, we encounter a God that always makes the first move. He calls to us, “Come in close, rest your head on my chest, lean your ear to my heart.” God’s delight is to love us and He longs for us to give Him our “broken, bleeding, battered hearts.”


The Rhythm examines each rhythm, life pattern, and voices that surround us. In our lives, it’s often easy to mute God’s rhythm, his heartbeat, by getting caught up in the “static” “worries,” and lies that daily surround us.The Rhythm sheds light on the idea that God’s heart beats for people who are far away from Him. It addresses the idea of how understanding the rhythm of God’s heartbeat is about being in tune with his heart. The Rhythm focuses on allowing God to change our rhythm from a heart attack waiting to happen to a heart resting in His “openly, offered arms,” relaxing to his “comforting, quiet voice.”

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