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The Potter


Painting by Holly Smith

Potter, oh Potter, this is the Clay.
The water; Your hands; the pressure;
They are too much to bear.
The spinning never stops.
Your hands never let up.
I am wondering whether You even care.
You’re mine! You’re mine! You’re mine!
The Potter cries out.


Our bodies become weak from the grind of life. Our eyes become unaccustomed to the light of a new day. Our heads spin and our feet stumble. We question our design and whether there is a method to the madness. The Potter speaks to the heart of everyone who has questioned what God is doing in their lives, who has cried out to God, “Potter, oh Potter, this is the clay: the water; your hands; the pressure; they are too much to bear.”


The Potter compares us to vases. Our process of becoming like God is like the process of a vase being shaped, rounded, hollowed, and baked. We watch our progress and when God places us in the light, we can’t help but rejoice. While our Potter’s task is never complete, He still exclaims, “You’re mine! You’re mine! You’re mine!” The Potter shows how like a vase that becomes faded and chipped; we too become weary and hurt. As a potter fixes his vase, God longs to break us and remake us and like the poem concludes, “Starting the process all over again. To make me more like the image of your perfect man.”

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