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Julie Short is a modern day psalmist!  Whispers of God is a book that expresses deep and honest emotion that each one of us has experienced and will easily relate to.  This book of poetry is a work of inspiration and encouragement for one's soul and spirit, a book to be treasured and referred to again and again.
Sherry Schneider, Speaker & Life Coach

Julie’s poems will take you on a journey- a journey she has personally travelled.  The vulner-ability she shows as she shares her life is beautiful, gracious and thought-provoking. Having watched Julie grow to know and discover who she really is, I have seen a woman of excep-tional insight and talent that took a step of faith with this project.  Allow yourself to be drawn into the words of the poems and the revelation revealed through them. Your hearts will be touched and encouraged.
Kim Corden, Author & Intercessor at The Light Line

Julie’s poetry is not just prose, its soul in motion; charged with passion, born of a yearning heart like that of a child hungering for the comfort of her Heavenly Father’s touch. Reading Julie’s work is like looking at yourself in the mirror intently when no else is around; asking questions of yourself that others need not hear and only you can answer. Internally provoking and profound.
Pastor Jon Cordeiro

As I read “Potter, Oh Potter” I am moved by the beautiful testimony from one that has been on the wheel of the potter. The honest communication of the clay to the potter brings to light the forceful love the Potter has for the clay. As I meditate on this I see my own cycles of life that the Potter has had his hands on and I smile knowing His love goes deeper than any doubts I have encountered. I believe that many will receive a new perception of their journey in life as they read this testimony of the Potter’s devotion to make something lovely and unique of their vessel.
Kay Newberry, Co-founder of Destiny Network Alliance

The two most important questions in this life are ‘who am I’ and ‘who is God?’ Whispers of God reveals in each poem those questions with the passion and pain of the yearning soul seeking an all-powerful God.  You cannot sit as a passive listener to these works. It is an ex-perience! Each poem exposes the vulnerability and fears of a broken heart, the hopes of a loving Heavenly Father and the hunger for a relationship that would never be casual, reli-gious or superficial.  In the Bible there is Matthew 11:12 instructs ‘the kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force’.  Julies Short’s poetry exposes the spiritual battlefield that occurs as you fight for what it yours.
Cynthia Cordeiro

Julie is a woman who passionately seeks a deeper place of intimacy with God. These poems provide a window into her search. We have had the privilege of “walking” with Julie as she pursued God through times when she had many questions and few answers – a “dark night of the soul”.  During this time, she found greater intimacy with God where she experienced a flood of His love poured out upon her.  Her experience is much the same as King David’s as portrayed in the psalms he wrote. Often David poured out his heart to God in deep frustration and pain, with many questions. Then by the end of the psalm, he had gained a fresh perspective on God, himself and/or the situation he was facing through connecting with God in a more intimate way.  We highly recommend this book of her poetry. We believe you will be encouraged as she vulnerably shares her struggles and victories. Experience the poems, weep, and go deeper to know Him more as Julie takes you to that place of Warring for Intimacy.
Gary and Joanne Lindenberger, Founders of Awakening Hearts Ministries

Whispers of God delivers wisdom in poetic form.  Julie's ability to capture and articulate our heart's cry and the Father's response reveals our both need and His grace.
Kathie Nelson, Principal Business Strategist Kathie Nelson, LLC