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Warring for Intimacy stems from my heart - Julie Short - looking for the love, the grace, and the hope that can only come from a holy and perfect Father.

I started writing poems becase I needed to express myself in more that just the words in my journal, and a poem began from a thought and a feeling during a very dark time in my life.

As I wrote the beginning paragraphs of Potter, Oh Potter, I knew that it couldn't end in the same dark place that I began, so I left it alone for awhile. When I picked it up again, I could express hope and light even in the midst of still walking the trial out.

Now when I write, I know that I want to be transparent with my feelings and thoughts even when they are contratry to God's truth. But the poem, must always end directing us to God.

My hope is that Warring for Intimacy will strengthen you to War for Intimacy with God!

I would love to come a give a presentation to your small group, women's retreat. small church, or any type of setting where everyone is very close knit. The poems are very intimate and it would be most benefit if the atmosphere of the group has the same kind of feeling.

Once you have submitted the form, I will call to discuss the details of your event and to share the general outline of the message I usually present.