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Run to Me


Painting by Holly Smith

In the midst of the turmoil
Tearing at your soul
Where do you go lost one?
Where do you run?
To the false filling of
Fear-shame-guilt-and blame
Pouring into you soul
Destroying the real destiny you hold . . .


We’re all running from something. In our times of troubles and mistakes, we often choose to run away from God and run towards the things of this world. We try to find the peace only Christ canbring by attempting to wash our sorrows away with just one more drink, one more lover, one more pill, one more… The one more’s go on… and on… and on. They pull us down like quick sand. Run to Me is a poem that excellently expresses how the further we run, the further we try to fix our problems on our own, the further God reaches out to draw us back to Him.


In the second stanza, Ms. Short writes, “Won’t you run to me, oh lost one? Won’t you receive my open arms and gifts? Won’t you rest from your turmoil and accept my loving kiss?” Run to Me focuses on how “embrace and acceptance,” “forgiveness and light,” “kindness and kisses” are what God longs to give us. Often times we justify in our minds that because of what we’ve done, there is no hope, no second chances, no grace. Run to Me is a poem that speaks truth into the heart of the runner. It leaves the reader asking the question, “Where am I running?” and leaves them with the promise from God to “run to me, oh lost one, run to me!”

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