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Have you ever read a book that made you burn with passion inside? Or made you look at the deep corners of your soul, willing to see what was there because you wanted something that you hadn't held before?  Have you ever had to listen to a set of CDs more than 10 times because you KNOW that you didn't grasp or receive everything that was being said?

Have you ever wanted to be courageous enough to share the whispers of your thoughts that haunt your daily life? Then these resources are for you!! All of these books, CDs, and counseling services have driven closer into the Lord, tearing down the walls of ungodly beliefs that had held me captive for a very long time. Ask the Holy Spirit to gird up your loins and stir up your courage, for they are not all for the faint of heart. These resources are for those that are truly DONE with the weight of the baggage you've been carrying!

#1 Transformation of the Inner Man by John Loren & Paula Sandford

This book is AMAZING!!!!! It started me on the journey of peeling back the layers of thoughts that were directing my life in ways that I no longer wanted to live by.  This book was the guide that I used to search what I was authentically thinking  versus what I was outwardly feeling.  It showed me how much my relationship with Jesus had been based on my performance, where God has established our relationship on intimacy and acceptance. 

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#2 Restoring the Foundations - Biblical Counseling 

Have you ever been backed into a corner and you can't see any way out?  Restoring the Foundations was the key for me.  They took the very principles that I learned in Transformation of the Inner Man and amplified it with the power of confessing to another believer.  The counselors that I worked with shared biblical and prophetic insight into the emotional struggles I was having, giving me tools to address any new issues in the future.  They helped me come out of a mentally and emotionally dark place.  You can find out more about this ministry at

#3 The Art of Thinking Brillantly by Graham Cooke

I think I listened to this 6 CD set about 10 times.  Each time I knew that I didn't fully receive all the wisdom that Graham was sharing.  The Ari of Thinking Brillantly focuses the believer in Jesus Christ on all of the wonderful ways that God loves us and why we have so much to be joyful and hopeful about.  This CD set was a life changer for me as one day after listening to it, I felt that the depression I had struggled with for so long had been lifted off.  I could now see the sunshine and smile for hope and joy were beginning again.

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#4 An Invitation to the Supernatural Life by Michele Perry

Have you ever been JEALOUS of the way that other people hear God speak, how they have visions, or the miraculous experiences they have?  Well, I have!!! And because of my envy, I was denying and degrading how I was hearing and seeing God.  This book brought joy to the way I experience God.  Not that I'm not still hungry to see, hear, and experience Him more, but I now value my interactions with him.  And because of the value I have place on the interactions, I hear and see Him more than I ever have.  This book will also expose you to how we can use our imagination to experience Him fuller.  This is a MUST READ!


Click here to buy An Invation to the Supernatural Life by Michele Perry


P.S. She is a brillant artist and writer so check out her websites (she's got a great selection of gift items) -  and