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God is My Lover Presentation

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I did the above message the Father's House Church of Edmond, OK on April 3, 2016.  If you want to go straight to the three poems I presented in the midst of the message, go to the times listed below.  The titles of the poems will link you to the paintings of each poem.

10:51 First Intimacy

31:45 Being Me

38:18 Pain to Gain Victory


Referred to as a modern-day psalmist, Julie Short gives us a glimpse into the pursuit of the Father toward us, His Beloved, in a way that enlarges and nourishes the heart in her new book "Whispers of God".  

Join us for the Tenacious Living interview with an entrepreneur, author, wife, and mother who discovered that not only was her cry for help heard but that she was the object of pursuit worth warring  for. The result was a reset of rhythm and an activation of her gift mix that imparts a fresh understanding of the battlefield and the victories to be claimed.  

Julie will unpack why
-- the pursuit of a whole heart matters
-- complacency is not a game you want to play
-- transparency and recognizing the actual state of your heart can change your path
-- the aggressive pursuit of inner healing and transformation of our heart connects heaven to earth and allows the rivers of life to flow freely
When the heart is made whole, freedom reigns.  One who is freed can't help but work to see others free.  Just imagine you are free from stress, guilt, shame, limitations...that you are totally and unconditionally accepted and pursued.  Here's your invitation to not only be inspired but gain perspective on your own journey, loosen some chains, and receive anew the love the Father has for you.