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Heaven Bound


Painting by Holly Smith

I am not bound or constrained by my suffering
For love is longer than longing and loss
I am free to live a life without fear
For love is deeper than daggers and tears.
I can stand strong and protect
For love is higher than rejection and neglect.
Your love makes a way to see
On earth as it is in Heaven.


The final poem of Ms. Short’s series, Whispers of God, focuses on “on earth as it is in heaven”. Heaven Bound illustrates that while being in heaven is the ultimate goal, the process and the journey there can be spectacular! In the final poem of Ms. Short’s series, Whispers of God, encourages us to not only desire our future home in heaven, but to also desire and delight in making God known on “earth as it is in heaven.”


When we strive to live with a heavenly mindset, we are no longer “bound or constrained by our suffering. For love is longer than longing and loss.” Heaven Bound is a beautiful capstone to the idea of listening for God’s whispers. It follows a soul rejoicing in the love her redeemer has for her as He leads her to receive “my inheritance because of royalty crowned.” Heaven Bound emboldens us to renew our minds so that we will loose that which is loosed in heaven and bind that which is bound in heaven, all for the glory of God.

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