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God's Wave of Love


Painting by Holly Smith

How High! How Deep!
How Wide! How Long!
Is God’s wave of Love.
Ever consuming. Never ending.
Wrapping in warmth of love.
Drenching in coolness of refreshing.


The theme of almost every sappy Hallmark movie is how love is blind, how love is all you need, and eventually… love conquers all. Love is a powerful concept we all desire but so often, we look for our love in our earthly loves rather than in the One who is love. God’s Wave of Love focuses on how the more God’s love changes us, the more our loves align with the Divine’s loves, the higher our hearts can soar. God’s Wave of Love uses vivid language to depict God’s love as a tangible concept. How his love is “ever-consuming, never ending… always pursuing His purposes, driving towards His desires.”


The idea of when we drink from the wells of His divine love, when we hit our knees in blissful sacrifice to Him, how it is then we will find the nearness in Him our souls crave. We find the One who fills that needy hole in our hearts with “music of his love” and “paintings of his heart.” God’s wave of love engulfs us and shows how God’s love truly is more than just a word. His love pursues us and repeatedly calls for us to, “Come to me, my children, come to me.”

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