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Freedom In Being Dust


Painting by Holly Smith

I make no provision;
I bring no assets;
I am but dust.
How can this be?
This access without assets?
This acceptance without works?
That doesn’t work in the world that I live in.
The world keeps calling
Knocking on my door
We want more! We want more! We want more!


People always talk about being in full bloom, being entirely yourself. We all get it. We all want to be in a state that’s thriving and expanding and growing. But often times, we feel like the opposite of blooming. Freedom in Being Dust explores the idea that life can feel like a pot of dirt instead of a flourishing bud. It feels like people are constantly, “knocking on my door. Yelling, ‘we want more’… a voice declaring you’re no good.”


We’ve all been there. We’ve felt tightly packed, going through the motions, struggling to breathe. We’ve all tried to justify our resistance, our hurt, the flaw in the system. We’ve all reached the point where we feel beaten, worthless, and gripped by the lies tormenting our soul. Freedom in Being Dust gently reminds us that while we, “are but dust” God still “saved you,” “made you,” and “died for you.” It reinforces the idea that God always meets us where we are at, regardless of whether that’s a lavish garden or an empty desert. God takes us from our dust and day by day, hour by hour, hurt by hurt, he fills our vacant holes with His undeniable truth. Freedom in Being Dust captures our heart cry of response:“I am but dust, but you I will trust.”

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