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First Intimacy

First Intimacy is a poem focused on our origins, the way God felt when he first breathed life into us, and how God rejoiced in us from the moment we were conceived. In the second verse, it states, “there’s never been a prouder Papa”; let’s take a moment to think on that statement. “There’s never been a prouder Papa!”



Can you stretch that statement into every cell of your soul? God takes such great, amazing pleasure in the essence of who you are. Wow! He believed all of this and created all of us even though from the beginning, God knew we were going to become disconnected from Him and connected to those things that destroy our soul. And the disconnection broke God’s heart (Lines 9-10).

But as First Intimacy concludes, God continues to pursue, to establish a true connection, and remind us that our ultimate transformation is performed by His Son. A transformation that would restore, “that same first intimacy with you,” the original connection we once had.



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