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Being Me


Painting by Holly Smith

They esteem me.
They esteem me not.
They esteem me.
They esteem me not.
One day I’m in; the next day I’m out.

Up and Down and up and down.
Round and Round I go.
Trying and failing and trying once more
To release what they are looking for . . .



Europe boasts timeless architecture, intricate in detail and breathtaking in beauty, bell towers being no exception. A typical bell tower has stately arches, handpainted walls,and of course, a bell. When it comes time for the bell to ring, the actual sound heard is not the head splitting, full force, loud gong of the bell within the tower, but rather an edited, muffled recording of a bell. Like this bell within the bell tower, we often times settle for a masked, edited, clean version of the original sound- our authenticity.


Being Me hones in on the idea that authenticity is in the eyes of those around us. In the third verse it says, “I have hoarded, protected, and hid myself. Trying to survive, but instead I have died.” So often we tell ourselves we are real. We write posts about ourselves, post pictures of our lives, and try daily, hourly even, to convince others or ourselves that we are one thing. One thing to be grasped. One thing to be understood. Being Me asks “the real me to stand up… pretender to return to her original sender… what person or people did you cling? Looking to inspire, stroking, breathing, fueling their desire.”


It comes to the conclusion that our original sound needs no filter, we need to be heard as we are. Being Me describes how when we focus on the dream God has for us, the dream that we will be completely, unashamedly, whole-heartedly ourselves, it leads “to the joy of being me.”

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